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Embroidery Thread packs

Floriani > Embroidery Thread packs
The thread packs some in 30,60, 120 spool packs.  They also come in metalic and verigated packs for all your embroidery needs.  you can save big by buying your embroidery thread in color packs.
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embroidery thread 30pk seasons w/box

$119.99 $220.00

Exquisite Color play Carmel 5PK

$18.00 $29.00

Exquisite Color Play Medley 5pk

$18.00 $29.00

Floriani Thread set with Designs

$80.00 $129.99

Thread Floriani 3 pk Chocotate Factory


Thread Floriani 3 pk Citrus Sunset




Thread Floriani 3 pk Purple Reign


Thread Floriani 3 pk Wine Cellar


Thread Floriani 3pk Carnation


Thread Floriani 3pk Lemon Drop


Thread Floriani 3pk Seas the Day


Thread Floriani 3pk Wild Blue Yonder


Thread Metallic Dime Fall Quartet 4 pack