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Quilt S'more

My Story.....

        I have been sewing since I was about 8 y/o.  My mom would sew with me on her lap even before I got to put my hands in the sewing possion. I can't say I have always loved sewing.  There was a time in my teenage years that I didn't have some good experiences so I kinda fell away from the sewing scene for a while.
When all my children were in school, I went back to school and got my teaching degree in Family and Consumer Science.  This is when I found my love for sewing again.  The sewing bug bit me, and I have been sick with it ever since.   Being able to help someone else find the love for sewing is one of my favorite things about teaching.  (both young and older people)  When someone looks at their finished product and can't believe they made something so beautiful, or when I see someone blossom in their confidence, (not only in sewing, but in their whole self worth), it reafferms to me that is is my calling in life.  It brings me great happiness to help someone else find a  joy in sewing/quilting.   

I opened my store in 2006 and I have loved every minute of it.  Everyone should be so lucky as me.  I wake up every morning looking forward to going to work.  I love the friends that I have made because of sewing/quilting, in one aspect or another.  I love meeting new people and seeing the fun projects that they are doing.  I love show n tell, and I especailly love the gleam in someones eye and the excitement in their voice as they tell their story about the quilt they made.   Weather it is a quilt for someone's special occasion, for someone that is sick, for the arrival of a new baby, or one that they are fixing that their grandmother or great grandmother made and they just can't part with it; Quilting truly connects many generations of family members together.  Just like the thread within the a fabric, the thread within a quilt binds many generations of quilters together.